about us

The Ryerson is a modern southern restaurant and cocktail bar based out of Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  It draws inspiration from southern cuisine, modern cooking, and celebrates seasonality by utilizing locally sourced ingredients.  The team behind The Ryerson comes from NYC classics such as Jean Georges, Gramercy Tavern, Dirty French, Olmsted, Frankie’s Spuntino Group and The Alligator Lounge.  Involved are father and son duo Laurence Glogau and Max Glogau, as well as floor captain Matt Rudolph, executive chef Sean Underwood, and beverage director Andrew Mitchell.  The blend of old and new school restaurant experience lends to the type of environment the team aims to create, a timeless neighborhood restaurant offering something for everyone. 


Executive Chef

Sean Underwood

Jean Georges Alumni Sean Underwoods’ passion for southern style cuisine, seasonality, locally sourced ingredients and eliminating food waste is at the heart of The Ryerson’s Ethos. Chef Sean plans to have an ever-evolving menu, changing with the season, while keeping fan favorites that will include the Double Burger and Fried Chicken. The dishes he creates also take into account what he is able to source from local vendors and markets including Crown Finish Cheese Caves, as well as multiple visits a week to the Urban Market at Union Square and the Grand Army Farmers Market. Chef also strives to eliminate as much wasted food as possible by combining leftover Ingredients from one dish and incorporating them into fun and unique new ones. At the heart of this mentality is Sean’s passion for whole animal butchery in which he uses all parts of the animal thoughtfully with regards to menu items. Sean strives for excellence both in and out of the kitchen and is always learning and evolving, just like The Ryerson.